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My Feedback on Train The Facilitator Program by Yateen Gharat at Mumbai :
Experience - I experienced a deep connect with myself through the self reflection exercises.. To understand what I really need.

Learning- the ability to design and deliver a wonderful facilitation process and the immense insightful feedback at each step.

Take Away- Think of the unthinkable, Do the undoable, be flexible.. To get results, churn out the Wow experience from your participants and the desired outcomes facilitate and let them be..

Discovery- experienced the power of facilitation and the realization of unleashed potential within me, will start application from this moment on.

Facilitation as a process has not only brought about a realization of the diff caps we could dawn but also showed me how to show restrain. Two styles, poles apart, but outcome simply awesome. 3 days well spent that has helped me grow manifold. Mr. Yateen Gharat has been awesome in his approach towards introducing us to Facilitation. We lived faciliation.

Hey guys,
It was amazing mind blowing experience of pure learning for 3 days (I am not used to it.)

Earlier I carried out few processes but in this 3 days I learned entire thinking process behind it and hat's off to Yateen who gave amazing depth to entire TTF, the effective use of resources was another thing which I learned best....

Made fantastic friends,
Iceing on cherry was I learned awesome art of giving feedback from Shekhar sir this was entire bonus

In all Yateen and Shekhar sir made it so simple but very very very effective.

Special thanks to my dear friend Asif to be cause in arranging first of it's kind TTF.

Extending my gratitude to my facilitators , my mentors who let the energy flow despite my flaws. A salute to my gurus , yateen and sekhar for falicitating learning in so many subtle ways.

Asif I believe... Also being mindful was also a part that we might have missed..and that would also have allowed participant to sabotage... Had an enjoyable session from 14th to 16th April. Thank you to Yateen & Shekhar for facilitating through the three days and providing all with Critical and deep insights with the Feedbacks yesterday.

As its said any learning that brings a change in participant behavior leads to the success of the event. Last 3 days were a stimulus to me moving towards facilitating my sessions and interactions. Hope to provide you feedback of my experiences. Above all thank you Asif for conceiving the idea with the team of experts. It was lovely to connect with all my all the colleagues who made the Learning process much more simpler and enjoyable.

What I observed in these two days.... Yateen and Shekhar have asked questions beautifully, I hope I can learn that soon. Both the sir have terrific admirable qualities.

Thank you Asif, Shekhar Sir and Yateen Thank you for Giving so much of knowledge, and tools to start a new Journey today. And what a best day to empower us Thank you.

Thank you soooo much to Yateen, Shekhar Sir and Asif. It was an amazing learning experience, I am mesmerized to observe the way Shekhar Sir facilitates and Yateen is Just Awesome, that's why you both are CPF, I wish if I learn even .5% the way you facilitates I will b through. It was a very small step for me and miles to go.

Thank you to everyone for making these two days most effective for me.

Iam a novice in this field of training, counseling, mentoring etc. For me, it was amazing insight how results can be produced so effectively. Thanks Asif for introducing me to some wonderful and talented people. Yateen and Sekhar sir are masters in their field. They have an individual way of teaching which is their trademark.

As far as learning and takeaways are concerned, I have learnt how facilitation can be helpful in ur daily life and professional life.

Good morning endearing souls....... On a beautiful morning like this... Thoughts of the last two days bring about a feel good factor in itself.. Am still giggling with all the poses.. Expressions... And awesome feedback given by Shekhar sir... Loved the funny bone stir up... Loads to learn and I have been an eternal learner... With all the goof ups.. The self introspection was amazing.. And its right that with every mistake one learns massive... Many insights that I carried back... Am thankful to you shekhar sir... You have been an absolute thrill to learn from.

Yateen sir... You have always been so very supportive and your subtle undertones are something that I would like to copy some day... you gave away so much... Your sharing perspective shows the strong character that you live by.. Your constant feedback has given me points to chew on.. Would love to see you live on any platform that you could probably have us around as a learner.. It would be a pure delight to watch u again.. Thanks so much..

Asif... Thank you.. Thank you.. Thank you... A noble soul indeed... Happy that I connected with you.. So now am able to see an another world... You are an adorable person... God bless ya always.. And may you keep inspiring and impacting others as always..

Finally I would love to thank each of my fellow participants... It is the start of an awesome journey together... I had great fun with such lovely passionate souls... Everyone had an own thing which I would cherish for a long time ahead... Thanks to all my team members too... U are all amazing ROCKSTARs.. Love you all.

Good morning all,
It was excellent learning, faculties Yateen and Shekhar have great hold on Facilitation.
Lots of new things learn from their behavior :
How to keep 100% involvement in each and every participants... How to make every one special, understood difference of trainer and facilitator.
New tools learned but "Dil mange more"
There are so many tools of facilitation.. Such programme should have mini 4 days.
Asif's talk was Eye opener.
Lovely participates had shown excellent and active participation.
One the best group of participation ever found.
Had lots fun.
Will continue learning.
Thanks shekhar, yateen and Asif for your course will change our approach.

What I felt
Just wow. A workshop which made me reflect on how to make my workshops different n innovative.

My learnings
Processes look so simple until you hv worked/designed one yourself.

Its easier to use slides n give information quite different to make people work on the problems themselve n to them them engeged.

3S rule
Importance of instruction.

Yateen process comes so effortlessly to you. Ur clarity on the steps n outcome is amazing. Lots to learn from u yet.

Shekhar your delivery style is so beautiful. Every word u spoke was just appropriate n ur explanations apt. and hv to mention now if I m feeling low n need a dose of laughter I know whom to go out with for some coffee.

I have no words that can express my gratitude towards Yateen sir and Shekhar sir for the learnings.Speaking about their ways of facilitating would mean ....we have a saying in Hindi ..."Suraj ko Diya Dikhana".

My learnings....It made me think Am I really observant, mindful?

How your tone really matters.....And how I should unlearn everything to Learn.

Facilitating is not a profession....It is a way of life.

Thank you to everyone for making these two days most effective for me.

Was being a sponge absorbing. . Learning. . Savouring. .. Reprimanded .. punished with small breaks.. Chided.. loved hugged..

Danced .. laughed till tears rolled out.. baffled .. boggled. . Googled. . Tranced.. energised.. reflected. .reacted.. reached out.. ran out.. also knocked out at times.

All in all I learn that we all have core individual trait. As trainers.. vouches facilitators... which we need to acknowledge and sharpen.

And that in itself is a process.. will require lot of asking..
Ourselves.. make enquiries within.. and.. results will flow beautifully..
Thank you for being enablers..Sekhar Sir
U have definitely initiated the process within..
My heart felt..gratitude...

Giving feedback for this session............ too difficult..... simple is what Kala mentioned........
Superb learning experience. I attended Yateen s one session long back and since then I was waiting for next version....
Both sharad n Yateen are like Gyan ka bhandar.
Best is they allowed us to do mistake.which I did.
I have made a commitment to myself to learn more , explore and experiment with back plan.
Thanks a lot

Yateen and Sekhar sir compliment each other in their teachings.
Yateen is the no nonsense guy who says business is serious and there is no way about it. Shekhar sir is like u can have fun and mastic and make it more creative but it is serious business. Feeling Blessed to complete my first round as Facilitator
Thank you All for your support and encouragement
Im Experiencing Being lucky and Fortunate
Making a lot of mistakes
Assuming that there is Shekhar sir at tge back of the room, ready to give me feedback
Yateen.. I just started with MY THREE....hapypy they are... And happy I am
Gratitude from core of my heart, to Yateens

When being asked questions by Participants
If it is content question reflect it back to audience.
If it is process question answer that in detail.

As far as Facilitation is concerns, if there can be anything that may go wrong it will be inside you and your perception, audience are always full of ideas and solutions, waiting to be facilitated and expressed.

When in doubt - attempt to get two answers - one gut feeling and one brain feeling. Consider and make sure both parties are addressed to.

Be informed that we all work for clients outcome manifested through group, use appropriate group processes.

You are master of processes and not content.

Desired outcomes will come by, if you ask yourself- What question i may need to ask, answer to which will lead participants to take action towards achieving desired outcomes.

Remember they want to reach desired outcomes much more than you do. You just created environment for them to , you make it easy for them, you Facilitate.

Content neutral and process advocate is role of Facilitator.

Mindful Catalyst is Apt term for Facilitator.

Believe in every single participant has some thing to add to group wisdom and group memory.

Every single participant hold a piece of puzzle, you Facilitate assembling the puzzle to form Big Picture.

Following systematic structure of Facilitation, would make your job much more easier.( 10 points)

Check and be in touch with trainer within you, it's only awareness about trainer within you will help you keep check on the tendency to Offer Solution. Wear your both hats proudly, but be aware when you need to switch them by Design and Not by default.

Practice hard to write down your process instructions well in advance, and visualize time frame and flow of the process.

Make use of all the resources available at that time for that situation. Be creative and break the rules...( Innovate, improvise.)

Power to them is key mantra.

Practice hard to generate effective questions.

Last but not the list is.

Be yourself.
Right style of Facilitation is .............your own style!!!!!

There are very very few Facilitators who are so open to giving, and addressing the batch in this unique way. I learnt how each participant is important, how make them a part of you, I learnt a lot about me and my personality, and still pondering over it, how do I train, what kind of trainer am I? Am make a list of my do's and don't in professional and personal life.

How would I implement these things with 3s in my life professional and personal.
What should be my WOW in professional and personal life.
I applied a few learnings today, and saw the magic!
Facilitative techniques can be applied in any damn area!!!
Just have the courage to do it.
Thanks sir.
As I had said, from now, I will start implementing it at home too, to influence my family more positively, instead of advising them.
Facilitation (as I learnt) is a Brilliant Tool that can be used to enhance any other skill, or can stand on its own!!!
This is life changing.

Hi Friends please forgive for my long feedback. There are very very few Facilitators who are so open to giving, and addressing the batch in this unique way. I learnt how each participant is important, how to make them a part of you in training, I learnt a lot about me and my personality, and still pondering over it, how do I train, what kind of trainer am I?

Am making a list of my do's and don't in professional and personal life.
How would I implement these things with 3s in my professional and personal life.
What should be my WOW in professional and personal life I am already sitting to design my module for VnA with all that I have learnt. I tried/thought to Micro Muscle and model Yateen however, every time he came to Deliver the topic I was engrossed in learning that completely forgot about it. And Shekhar Sir you are such nice human being that it reflects your ideology in when you are facilitating and giving feedback. You answered all most 100% of each person query yet staying focused on the topic and the highlight is the way you give feedback, with so much of humor and yet all of us accepted all your feedback with completely surrendering attitude.

Asif you just spoke for few minutes but it was so so impactful that it made us all ponder where are going wrong and what we lack in marketing and Branding ourselves, how to go about it, though Yateen Sir Designed it but you spoke with your heart for each one of us to grow and make a brand in our industry that touched each ones heart.

Completely generous team. Rather a Completely Giving team, giving knowledge, Giving support, Giving freedom to be Giving feedback just giving, giving and giving I think if each ones us starts being like you guys in their own unique ways, trust me God will leave heaven and come here as this place would just not have a lost soul, everyone will be Achieving and helping others to Achieve.

I want to be like you guys as in the bargain I would be a better human being, for what god sent us here for. And yes I have too many questions around my module Yateen Sir, Shekar Sir and Asif please buckle yourself up as will I so may question while I am designing it. Please please please forgive me cause I genuinely have a lot of questions while I am sitting to design , and the irony is when I got up in the morning first thing was "arey I don't anything have learnt or remember it"

I went back to the notes and slowly it started falling in place sitting with recap and on the way of making my module which I would want to sit and discuss once I have the layout structured.

Dear Asif ,Yateen sir and Shekhar sir ,I am thanking you from my bottom of heart for such a wonderful electrifying knowledge sharing facilitation programme.
Wholesome of learning. In last two days.
I am fortunate enough to be part of IDF.
In last 2 days as a sponge I tried to absorb everything.
First learning of this programme was first you have be a good human being spread the smile.
The learning from programme was so much went into mind that I started using it with my kids...