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Yateen Gharat

Yateen Gharat is a person with many hats, but the one he wears with most pride is that of a Mountaineer! An Electronic Engineer by qualification, he found the call of the hills much more alluring than the clicks of electronics; and spent a great part of his youth conquering the Himalayas, first as a Mountaineer and then as Search and Rescue and a Trainer.

He spent over 10 years in the Corporate World in Sales/Marketing; Human resources and training before moving on to his passion in Leadership Development and Training.

His quest for personal excellence led him to Master the skills of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). As a Master Practitioner, Yateen breathes and lives NLP – governing his life and actions. He is a Certified Practitioner of the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI®); an ACC Certified Performance Enhancement Coach; and a visiting Faculty with over 6 MBA colleges.

He has been facilitating groups to enable them to reach Desired Outcomes through Group Process facilitation.

Yateen is certified as IAF Certified™ Professional Facilitator – CPF from International Association of facilitators.

He combines his knowledge, skills and experience to promote change in human behavior. His deep understanding of the processes of Facilitation – bringing about realization without bias – and his expertise through academics, exploration and practice helps participants introspect deeply to drive behavior change.

He has managed over 500 workshops – both in contained environments and in the open – with a slew of organizations representing the cream of Indian Industry. Yateen brings with him a love for the great outdoors, a passion to bring out the best in people, and a constant quest for knowledge and improvement.

Yateen is the CEO of Outbound Adventure Management, and an eternal learner and lead discovery agent. He and his team ensure that participants safely stretch their physical limits both as individuals and in teams, and his outstanding skills at debriefing empowers introspection without being intrusive.